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FineReport is a 'professional, simple and flexible' enterprise-oriented business intelligence and reporting tool independently developed by Fineres Software Co., Ltd. according to the 'No-code' concept. With FineReport BI and Reporting Tool, users can design complex reports and construct data decision-making system through simple drag and drop. FineReport is the front runner of BI and reporting tools with the largest domestic market share and widespread clients in various sectors. According to survey results, FineReport is evaluated highly by our users in the following 5 main aspects: (1) Complete functions.
With good knowledge of user habits and demands and a deep study of reporting industry, FineReport proves to be 'the most knowledgeable about reports' and outperforms its peers in complex report processing. For over ten years, FineReport has focused on function research and mainstream innovation with the vision of exploring and meeting the core demands (e.g., zero-client report printing) of both clients and the industry at the fastest pace.
(2) Extremely-low learning costs.
FineReport is easy for learning, operating and integrating, with low learning costs. To enable fast and effective utilization, FineReport provides users with a variety of learning approaches and materials, including online and offline training, the FineReport Forum, etc. In addition, users can acquire our services via such channels as on-site support, online services, telephone, e-mail, etc.
(3) Abundant experience.
FineReport possesses a unique understanding of enterprise informatization in various industries and has demonstrated its rich experience in industrial applications. It can provide users with a wealth of practical advice concerning enterprise information-based construction and a series of internal and external solutions and implementation plans concerning strategy, operation, organization, finance and marketing.
(4) Efficient services.
Having long adhered to the 'timely, professional, thoughtful and meticulous' service spirits, FineReport has established improved after-sales and technical support system and passed the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification in order to deliver complete and effective after-sales services and technical support to our clients.
(5) Simple culture.
The culture of FineReport is to 'Devote ourselves to our enduring undertakings with true heart and mature wisdom'. At FineReport, everyone makes great efforts to take on new challenges with a fresh attitude through constant learning, seeking to provide our clients with excellent products and meticulous services.

Why do software companies need FineReport reporting tool?

Until recently, most projects were developed through custom codes or based on secondary development platforms. However, this development mode has many long-standing problems, such as:
Long project period and prevalent delays Hard to expand and slow response to new requirements
Poor software quality and system performance with lots of bugs Poor software quality and system performance with frequent bugs
Difficult and complicated (e.g., after acceptance) maintenance High turnover risk and significant brain-drain consequences
Open source software is now being applied in some projects to save costs. Although the software purchase cost is eliminated, it is even less effective than code development because the project may be delayed due to such problems as:
Limited functions and difficulty meeting the new requirements of clients
Unguaranteed services in the face of technical difficulties or product bugs
High learning costs, requiring the long-term study of data or documents
The advent of FineReport announces a complete end to the above problems and makes it possible for the high-efficiency development of reports. FineReport BI and reporting software is also easy and simple to use. After project delivery, the final user can make self-maintenance and system upgrades based on FineReport through simple page revision.

Why do its final users need FineReport BI and reporting software?

In general, enterprises may encounter the following problems during data processing: * Business data shot up yet few of them are used for management analysis and business control
During informatization, enterprises witness an increasing amount of applications and data. Although most companies hold the opinion that data is a huge wealth, they don’t know how to use it. Most data is merely accumulated together without effective data analysis and display, and very little of it is used for making business decisions, management analysis and business control.
* Business data is dispersed and difficult to utilize
In general, an enterprise has several business systems (e.g., CRM, ERP, OA) which operate independently from each other. In this way, business data is dispersed in different systems that are inquired separately (if necessary), making it extremely hard to utilize. What’s worse, such problems as multi-port collection, repeated entry, out-sync updating and different structures greatly impact the consistency and accuracy of the data.
* Manual data processing results in a heavy workload, low accuracy and poor security
When management needs to inquire into comprehensive cross-department and cross-system data, the business department has to manually summarize and adjust it via excel, leading to a heavy workload, low time-effectiveness and the increased probability of data error. In addition, monthly and daily reports are made by month and by day separately, making it inconvenient to prepare, maintain and view the data. Excel has a simple authorization function and cannot guarantee data security, which may greatly damage enterprise interests.
* Original reports fail to serve new businesses from fast business adjustment
When an enterprise adopts custom reports for business analysis, the original reports may not meet the requirements of fast-growing businesses. In this case, secondary development is generally required to adjust the BI and reporting system, causing large burdens on the final users and software companies. Furthermore, the lack of linkage and comparisons among the reports makes it difficult to conduct further comprehensive analysis.
* There is no uniform BI and reporting management portal
Although each business system has its own directory, there is no uniform portal in which the leadership can inquire or manage all reports and allocate authorities.
* The report display is too simple and specific, failing to give management a holistic view of all the information
Generally, the built-in reports in the business system only have basic data summaries and display functions, but lack the rich visual display and analysis of data, not to mention business forecasting and pre-warning in support of multi-business applications. Therefore, it is difficult for the management to grasp global information and make overall decisions.
* People on business trips cannot view reports conveniently
Today, the mobile office has became a trend. With mobile terminals, management can make better use of their fragmented time and take real-time control of the enterprise wherever they are. However, due to all sorts of reasons, at least 80% of enterprise reports still depend on PC terminals to be inquired and filled, greatly hindering management in grasping the enterprise information and making timely business adjustments. Restricted by the above problems, the decision making of management is still dependent on experience due to the absence of accurate and effective information, bringing adverse impacts to the management and operation of the enterprise.


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FineReport is an Excel-analogous and ‘Excel + Binding Data Column’ operation interface which greatly reduces learning costs.... ...


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